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What Is The Silver Lotto System?

There are all sorts of different systems designed to help you win the lottery. One such idea is the Silver Lotto System that was introduced by Ken Silver. Silver is the author of several books that focus on how to win at playing lotto games. His Silver Lotto System was released back in 1991 and is still one of the best sellers among those looking to improve their chances at winning.

In his book, Silver begins by informing people that they must adhere to his system. One of the big mistakes that people will make in lotto games is to find a system, use it for a short time, and give up on it when they do not experience success quickly. Silver lets people know that they must stick with this lotto system in order to get results.

Silver’s system offers a number of helpful tips, including which games to play. He urges people to stay away from games that are played using many numbers. Games that use 60 or more numbers should be avoided in favor of games with fewer numbers. This will increase a player’s chances of winning, as the fewer numbers that a person has to match, the better his or her odds of doing so.

The Silver Lotto System also gives tips on numbers to play and numbers to avoid playing. Silver recommends, for example, that people stay away from the typical birthdays and anniversaries. Many people use these types of numbers, but they do not come up as winners as often as more random numbers.